Stinky Jim – Spacial Awareness

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Stinky Jim
albumRound Trip Mars

Spacial Awareness

Date de sortie: mardi 20 décembre 2022
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Spacial Awareness is the new album of the New Zealand producer from Auckland Stinky Jim aka Jim Pinckney. It is out on Round Trip Mars label. The album includes a dozen of delightful tracks, dubwise in nature, made in Auckland, New Zealand, mixed and mastered in Dunedin.

The track Steam Fish is a collaboration with the late Jamaican dub poet George ‘Nazamba’ Scott, who sadly passed away in July.

Jim has previous form with Unitone HiFi, Soundproof, Phase 5 etc and has been the host of 95bFM’s Stinky Grooves for over three decades. The predecessor to ‘Spacial Awareness’, 2021’s ‘It’s Not What It Sounds Like’, was rated as ‘consistently excellent’ in The Wire magazine and copped aromatherapeutic airplay from Mexico City to Te Kuiti.

Type de release: LP
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