Celtic Reggae Revolution – From Ireland To Jamaica

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Celtic Reggae Revolution
albumCeltic reggae

From Ireland To Jamaica

Date de sortie: mardi 07 mars 2023
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There have long been connections between Ireland and Jamaica. 350 years ago, thousands of young Irish boys and girls were forcibly
transported to Jamaica to work as slaves. Many of the Irish ended up working alongside black African slaves, in similar conditions, on the plantations.
Today Irish is the second most commonly claimed ethnic origin after African
in Jamaica.
The Celtic Reggae Revolution continue this blend of Irish and Jamaican and dedicate it to all the Irish and African Slaves who were forced to work on the sugar plantations.
‘From Ireland To Jamaica’ features a mix of reggae versions of well-loved traditional Irish songs.
‘With this album the Celtic Reggae Revolution have set out to do justice to both Genres.
Let the music transport you to a place where Ireland meets Jamaica.
The album is available digitally from iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and Spotify.

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